Is the media being too tough too soon?

Okay, look. Most of the people in my circles couldn’t stand Trump before he was a candidate. He was a liar and a cheat and a charlatan, kind of like The Music Man, except that Harold Hill eventually came through. once Trump announced his candidacy, it gave people all over the country to see what a loathsome person he was.

Evidently not enough people, though.

So now he is our commander-in-chief; You have to respect the office if not the man.

The newspapers and sites I read were unanimous in their insistence that he would/should never be allowed to run the country. Look how he ran his businesses.

That made no never mind to the people who voted the rascal in. Many of these people in the rust belt and in other parts in the interior of the country that look upon the east and west coasts as Sodom and Gomorrah and the people who live therein as elitists who don’t have a clue what “real life” is like,

But that’s a moot point now. My question is, will publications like The New York Times and the Washington Post continue to hammer away, or will there be any sort of “honeymoon” (all we are saying, is give Pence a chance)? It’s still early in the game, but the WaPo, for one, says no in this op-ed piece.


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