Maybe this is a mixed blessing

I must say I never really understood celebrity culture. My daughter works for an entertainment company and they are obsessed with snapchatting, tweeting, instagramming, and whatever else there is out there about every little thing a celeb does. Oh, look, there’s Katie Holmes coming out of Whole Foods! Alec Baldwin at the latest trendy bar! And so on and so on.

That’s the way I feel about this latest brouhaha regarding Trump ditching the press pool when he and his family went to dinner. Why not? Leave them alone. You don’t have to hound them every second. Is the media hoping to catch him doing something (else) outrageous? Or Melania being mean to the wait staff?

Of course, for the important stuff — what the president is supposed to be doing — you want him under constant scrutiny. But I’m not all that interested in his leisure time.

But this is something for those journalists who follow him around to worry about.

It all reminds me of a scene in The Big Bang Theory:


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