Now that that’s over with

Hope you all had a pleasant holiday, without too much worry over the state of things. Now it’s back to business.

I created TWJ as a place where media-types can gather together in a safe environment. A place where they could share their own thoughts and worries without judgment. I encouraged you to send guests posts to me at rkaplannj(at)gmail(dot)com.  I promised no editing. Well, practically none; I’ll only step in if the IDs of the sender drag me into it with fawning praise, etc. And typographic things that I’ve become used to over the years. I get it. Nobody wants to be the one to make the first move. Fortunately at this point in my life, I DGAF (parents, ask your kids) so I asked Peter Sagal, host of my favorite NPR show, Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, if I could use one of his recent Facebook posts on this site. We have a wee bit of history: I wrote a couple of articles about him for the NJ Jewish News and he blurbed one of my books.

So here are Peter’s thoughts about the recent elections:

Something I did that helped my mood: I wrote notes to many of the reporters who I followed all during the election to thank them for their excellent and important work, and I encouraged them to keep at it… no matter how tough it might get. Because all the (true) things you know about our incoming President, whether encouraging or not, you learned from some journalist doggedly doing her or his work. I also sent the following note to my colleagues at NPR:

Hello, all. This is (I think) my first All-staff, and will be my last until the inevitable “I’m leaving for a new career as a Lyft driver” email in a couple of years.

I have been an NPR host for 18 years, which makes me one of the grizzled old vets in the building. Except, of course, I’m not in the building. I’m a thousand miles away. And, to put it mildly, my work is not exactly part of the company’s core mission, unless you define “All Things” to be Considered as including fart jokes. (That’s my beat, Audie.) So, I have always been — by geography, mission and let’s face it, a certain lack of gravitas — a step removed from what people think of as “NPR.”

But as I often say, I was a devoted listener before I ever dreamed on being on the air, and remain so. I wanted to tell you all — all of you who actually do the work that makes NPR important and valuable — that after this election, with its stunning result, and now looking forward to many, many more surprises to come — that I have never, ever been prouder to be a part of this grand conspiracy to bring the country the truth, seven days a week. (With one hour reserved for fart jokes.) Your work has been superb, your dedication inspiring, your courage considerable. That last may be called on even more in coming months and years, and I have no doubt you — We, dammit! — will respond.

Thank you all.


See? That wasn’t so hard, was it? Now that Peter’s taken the first step, I hope y’all won’t be shy. What’s bothering you, bubbaleh? Being treated unfairly at the office? Having a hard time adjusting to life after newspapers? Trying to figure out how to change the writing style you’ve developed over decades of award-winning work? Again, I invite you to send your thoughts and complaints to me rkaplannj(at)gmail(dot)com. Indicate how you wish to be identified, either for reals or via a nom de plume.

Remember our theme song:

This blog is your blog
This blog is my blog.
So send me comments
So I don’t come off as a hog.

Yeah, still needs some work.


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