Sanity is for lazy people

Between looking for a new position and waiting for the editor to ask for revisions about my forthcoming book, I fill the time by hosting three blogs, including this one, and managing the Facebook page for JTA sports. There are enough instances where the material I find can be used in more than one location, so keeping track of everything has proven to be a challenge. For example, I’ll finish a post on the Facebook page which can also be used for my blog on Jews and sports, although I have to flesh it out a lot more since the Facebook gig is basically a headline, picture, and link. But when I post to the blog, I have to remember to get it up on Facebook, Twitter, and Linked-In.

Then there’s the blog on baseball books and pop culture, which also requires separate steps to post to social media.

And then there’s the blog you’re reading now. Maybe someone of influence can help a brother out with a full-time situation? Hey, it doesn’t hurt to ask.

And remember: The Worried Journalist was created as a community setting so please share your thoughts here (in addition to or instead of to Facebook) in the form of comments or even guest entries.



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