Lazy bones

What’s a worried journalist to do?

Maybe I’m just so used to reading The New York Times since college, but I can get that there are folks out that that just don’t bother to try finding out what’s the truth and what’s a lie. It’s not that they’re rushing to accept the lie as fact, as that nut job did in the pizza restaurant. It’s that they just don’t care. And that’s the sad part. We’re turning into Eloi. Frankly I’m surprised that Trump fires Michael Flynn Jr., the son of his pick for National Security Advisor (himself a conspiracy theorist), because he was retweeting these phonies.

The Times featured a front-page story yesterday about people simply not caring enough to delve into what’s true and what’s false in the news. (This on the heels of my earlier post about people who create fake news as a profession). Sure, you can find a media outlet –newspaper, radio, cable station — that espouses you personal point of view. I’m just as skeptical of some of the outlets that carried some of the worst of the worst news about Trump as I was of the Hillary haters. But at some point you get your head out of the sand and say, wait a minute is this really true?

I know I’m preaching to the choir here; if you’re taking the time to read this blog, you’re similarly concerned about these issues (and obviously a thoughtful and very attractive person). But every day that goes by with another one of these stories-covering-fake-stories just makes me so sad.


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