Damned if you do and damned if you don’t

Since I’m not currently working, I’m currently paying more than $2,000 a month for health insurance. What a privilege. I can keep COBRA benefits for something like two years. Of course, the goal is to get a full-time job with benefits before my severance runs out in a couple of months, but as many of my journalistic colleagues know, that’s no easy feat. And what happens if I can’t find a job within that time period? (Oh, by the way, that severance doesn’t even cover the monthly premiums.)

For reasons I won’t go into, my family requires a lot of prescription drugs. So what happens in the worst-case scenario?

Paul Krugman recently wrote about the Republicans lack-of-alternative idea when it comes to providing health care after they proudly repeal Obamacare, as they’ve been wanting to do since Day One.

Almost seven years after Obamacare was enacted, Republicans haven’t offered even the broad outline of a health reform plan. Why not?

Actually, there’s no mystery here. While many Americans say they disapprove of Obamacare, large majorities approve of the things the Affordable Care Act does, notably ensuring that people with pre-existing medical conditions can still buy insurance. And there’s no way to achieve these things without either a major expansion of government health programs — hardly a Republican priority — or something very much like the law Democrats passed.

This was part of a broader commentary on how the duped Trumpers are caught just like the rest of use: “…we can expect radical lack of transparency to be standard operating procedure in the new administration.”

Trump was supposed to hold a press conference tomorrow (Dec. 15) to detail his plans for how his vast business holdings would be handled while he supposed to be tending to the care of the United States.


Delayed until January — after he takes office.

Don’t you think the recent parade of celebrities — Kanye West, football Hall of Famer Jim Brown — suddenly showing up at Trump Tower is a planned distraction? Who’s next, Pee Wee Herman?

Jim Brown and Ray Lewis talk.


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