Job worry #2,137

Hammer & Dolly? position as an associate editor popped in my job alerts email from a company located not too far from my home. It’s an outfit that publishes, how to put this, extremely niche publications such as Hammer & Dolly, “The official publication of the Washington Metropolitan Auto Body Association (WMABA).”

Doesn’t that sound like the name of a 70s police buddy show on CBS? Starring Fred Dryer as Hammer and Linda Lavin as Dolly.

One of the problems I am encountering as I look for a full-time position is the increased specificity of what the employer is looking for. Certain software programs for example, or knowledge in a very narrow industry vein.

What the hell, I’m applying to the opportunity. On the off chance that someone from the parent company seems this, I would remind them that one of the requirements is “A GREAT sense of humor.”

So when do I start?


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