Worry #4,587: The audacity of no hope


“I assume she was talking about the past not the future cause I’m telling you, we have tremendous hope and we have tremendous promise and tremendous potential.”

So said Donald Trump on Saturday at another of his victory tour rallies. And what does that even mean? How can  you have hope about the past except in what it might mean for the future? “I hope the election of Donald trump doesn’t get us all killed.”

Enough already. You won. Is your ego that needy that you still have to have people come out and cheer for you? It’s like the great uncle who, as a present, gives you a framed picture of himself.

But, you know, in this instance I actually agree with Trump. I do have tremendous hope.

  • I hope I can find a job at my age in today’s economy that has something to do with what I’ve been doing for the past 30 years.
  • I hope that job comes with benefits, because Obamacare won’t be available. In lieu thereof, I hope for good health for the family( which I always hope for anyway).
  • I hope the United States of America can stay free and unencumbered while trump cozies up to Russia and creates even more tension with China.
  • I hope global warming is a myth, because of it’s not, you have to doubt if anyone in the Trump administration will do anything abut it.
  • I hope Trump isn’t as clueless as he appears to be.
  • I hope his Trumbies won’t go wild upon his inauguration, taking it as a final sign that it’s all right to perpetrate their hateful ways, safe in the knowledge that the president is one of them and they just might get away with it.
  • There are other things for which I hope, but I leave you with this: I hope the First Amendment will still be a thing, otherwise people like me who post things like this might be in a deep pile.

Where’s Obi Wan when you need him?


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