Go on, say something bad about me!

Thanks, Donald!

I was greeted by this ad on Facebook this morning:



So of course, anyone who wants to stick it to Trump will read VF.

Reverse psychology. You wonder for a split second if this is Trump’s strategy for improving the economy: say something insulting and have the troops rally around the victim of his ire. Look what id did for Saturday Night Live? Let’s face it, the show has been on the downslide over the past few years but add a Baldwin to impersonate The Donald, have the real Donald post angry tweets, and bango — you’re drawing an audience to see what all the fuss is about. Brilliant. Backwards collusion.

Anyway, Jim Rutenberg addresses this in his “Merdiator” column in today’s New York Times.

But Mr. Carter seized the moment with a red home page banner calling Vanity Fair “The Magazine Donald Trump Doesn’t Want You to Read” and imploring visitors, “Subscribe Now!”

Lo and behold, subscriptions spiked a hundredfold over their daily average, the magazine said, bringing Vanity Fair’s parent company, Condé Nast, the biggest number of new daily sign-ups in its 116-year history. (The tally had hit 42,000 by Sunday.)

As Mr. Trump tries to burn the media village down, he may just be saving it.

I wonder if Trumbies like Kellyanne Conway will try to sell on this as part of just how smart and brilliant and successful her boss is.


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