And I thought talk was cheap

There’s no rest over the holidays when it comes to looking for a job. I found a writer slot for one of those sites that probably has a ration of 80 percent advertising material to 20 percent actual content.

This is the kind of dough they’re offering:

Our writers are expected to achieve a minimum quota with opportunities to make additional bonuses by going above and beyond the quota expectation.

Compensation structure is based on your production. We have multiple tiers that achieve up to 3X income to your page views. We offer guaranteed payment for articles based on meeting quotas:

Please see below:

  • 6-8 articles produced a week = $1.00/article
  • 9-11 articles produced a week = $1.50/article
  • 12-17 articles produced a week = $2.00/article
  • 18+ articles produced a week = $3.00/article

dammitjimThere’s nothing in the job notice that says how long the articles have to be. So just for the hell of it, let’s say I wrote five 500-word articles a day. If I only worked a normal five-day week, that would add up to 25 articles for a whopping $75. I’m sure a modicum of research is required. So let’s say at least two hours per article. So if my math is correct that $1.50 per hour: $15 for 10 hours. Of course, we’re talking math here, so I could be totally off.

But wait, there’s also the “bonus structure”

  • 50,000-99,999 total individual monthly views – $25
  • 100,000-199,999 total individual monthly views – $75
  • 200,000-299,999 total individual monthly views – $150
  • 300,000-499,999 total individual monthly views – $250
  • 500,000+ total individual monthly views – $500

Maybe a piece about Justin Bieber might garner 500,000+ views in a month, but sports is much more here today/gone tomorrow, especially if you’re basically reporting about game performances. So there’s no way in hell a regular sports piece is going to reach the lower tier, let alone the highest. So forget about that bonus.

I need a drink.


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