Maybe I should create a job site

I know this isn’t the greatest week to be looking for a job, but since the various search sites are still sending me so-called leads, I’m doing the due diligence. And it’s getting very frustrating.

Image result for job searchI guess I’m officially registered with at least four sites. I say “officially” because I know I’ve uploading all my data, including resume, to them. The others don’t seem to ask that…yet. If they do, they wait until the very end to hit you with the news that you have to pay for their service. Seems like a crap shoot. Do you get the money back if you don’t get a job?

Since I use the same search parameters — writer, editor, etc. — I find I’m getting the same job notices from multiple sources. One of the things that’s particularly irksome is the number of typos and other mistakes that make it through on these ads. (That’s one of the things I could offer, given the right circumstances: attention to detail.) Yet they are asking for people with precise experience and qualifications, and usually not for a whole lot of money, either.

In an unusual move, one of my FB friends posted that they were looking for an editor for their community newspaper. As far as I know, this wasn’t posted on a job site, just mentioned on FB. We exchanged a couple of emails, enough to know that as qualified as I believe I was for this position, the commute would be murder. So unless I was willing to relocate, as desperate as I am to find something, this wouldn’t work out. Sigh. I should investigate what it would take to set up a job site that would be mutually beneficial. The ones I’ve found seem to heavily favor the advertiser. I don’t know what the ratio is of available positions versus those looking for them, but the lookers are the ones who need some TLC and the longer they’ve been away from meaningful employment, the more they require that empathy.


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