Job search worries, redux

So I sent an email to a specialized job search company. This followed about 20 minutes of filling out several pages of an online form, only to be informed after the final click that there was a fee involved. Of course it comes at the end; if they started off with that news, they would lose a lot of business. This way, there’s at least a chance that the desperate job seeker would figure, “What the heck, I’ve come this far,” and fork over the dough.

But not this cowboy. wrote a note, asking the ridiculous question, “Do you guarantee placement?” Because, really, what are they doing  to merit this fee other than providing leads one could probably find elsewhere with some due diligence?

I didn’t really expect a response so when one did come it was something of a surprise.

This is it, verbatim save for my eliminating the name of the company for fear of getting sewed (not a typo):

Thank you for contacting xxxx Member Support.

Are services are not for everyone. Your account has been deleted and you will no longer have access from this point. Feel free to sign up again in the future if you change your mind.We believe as many resources you can have the better for your career. We also recommend you taking a look at our blog for some great helpful hints.

Best of luck in your job search.

Aside from such an obvious mistake, this ain’t even o good English. I replied, perhaps somewhat impolitely, asking about the qualifications of the sender. They sent an apology.

My mistake, I meant our services.  Thanks for pointing this out.  I should have taken the time to check for errors on the email I sent to you.

Ya think? With people like this having a hand in my employment fate, I’ll need that luck.



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