What are you worried about, Thomas Friedman?

In his commentary piece in yesterday’s New York Times, Friedman wrote:

[N]ow that Trump is about to put his hand on the Bible and be sworn in, I’ve never been more worried for my country. It’s for many reasons, but most of all because of the impulsive, petty and juvenile tweeting the president-elect has engaged in during his transition.

It suggests an immaturity, a lack of respect for the office he’s about to hold, a person easily distracted by shiny objects, and a lack of basic decency that could roil his government and divide the country. I fear that we’re about to stress our unity and institutions in ways not seen since the Vietnam War.

You can read the entire essay here.

I heard Trump in an interview yesterday say he did not like to tweet.

So don’t! Why do you you feel you have to respond to every slight, every negative comment. Better you should think about how you’re already breaking one of your main promises by “draining the swamp,” yet wanting to appoint unqualified people to your administration who will just add to the pollution.

I don’t plan on watching the inauguration, but I must admit a part of me is curious, just to see if anything crazy happens.


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