Job fair worries tomorrow I’m going to a local job fair. Never been to one of these before. Have no idea what to expect.

The email said to “dress professionally,” but exactly what does that mean? Just look at TV these days: millennials working for a tech start-up do not dress the same as lawyers. My daughter works for a media company and wears ripped pants just about every day. I was in Manhattan a couple of months ago (I don’t get out much) and was amazed to see that this was pretty much the UOD (uniform of the day)… for women and men.

I didn’t wear a suit when I was working at the newspaper unless I was attending a function, although I did wear a tie every day of my own accord (the only one of the male population at the office); I do believe¬†people treat you better if you dress well. The exceptions were “casual Friday,” half-days, and from Memorial Day through Labor Day, but tomorrow I’m expected to suit-up. Let’s see if it makes a difference.



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