Another opening, another show (and another closing)

Pursuant to our recent coverage of a disappointing experience at an actual job fair, let’s move on to a disappointing experience at a virtual job fair.

Image result for AARP virtual career fair

Being above 50, I am a reluctant but proudly (proudly reluctant?) member of AARP, although that name seems a bit incorrect since I don’t know how many people are retired at 50. They’re very helpful with discounts and support in various aspects of “advanced” life, and once in awhile they host virtual job fairs designed with that demographic in mind.

There are lots of helpful links (I learned the elements of a decent elevator pitch), but none  of the jobs — again — are not something in which I would be interested or qualified. One of them even wanted to charge applicants $7.95 for a background check before they would even consider them for the position. The most interesting employer at the fair was the Washington Nationals. Kind of surprised they would go this route in their search and wished I lived in the DC area because I would be all over some of those gigs just because baseball.

Like the physical career get-together, most of the jobs seem to be involved in some sort of sales. But many of these things were all over the map, literally. Just struck me as a bit odd: If you have a virtual set-up, shouldn’t these be virtual jobs? That is, something you can do from your home computer? Just a thought.





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