Demanding job ad of the day: Food editor

Author’s Note: Submitted for your perusal, the first in a new “series.”

Still not gainfully employed, but I keep on looking… and looking… and looking.

I’m on several job sites and each day provides at least one opportunity that strikes me as very specific in its requirements. To be fair, many of them are totally understandable  while others speak to a different language/generation of writers. Here’s the latest, with some of the details removed.  Once again, the writing no longer seems to be for its own sake, but primarily to get eyes on the page and hold them there.

Job title: Senior Editor, Food

Image result for food editor

Job Duties (abbreviated version)

* Conceive and sustain original text & video franchises that can thrive online, across social platforms and on air.

* Translate show segments into digital wins. (emphasis added)

* Act as a digital stakeholder during multi-day show series and events. (emphasis added)

* Must have deep knowledge of the digital food space, its competitors and innovations. (emphasis added)

* An innate ability to tailor content to platforms and audiences, from (employer)  to Pinterest to Facebook to newsletters to social video.

* Strong understanding of how stories are shared and consumed differently across digital, social, mobile and email platforms, and ability to use analytics, to help guide story selection and distribution.

* Must have a rich portfolio of skills that demonstrates strong and fast writing and editing. Portfolio should include examples of clever and SEO-friendly headlining, strong social media skills, and light multimedia skills (resizing images, creating social videos). (emphasis added)

Look, maybe this is just the new normal. I used to be very good at keeping up. I don’t know when all these technology passed me by.


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