If you don’t laugh, you’ll cry

Not surprisingly, my spidey sense kicks in when I hear something on a TV show about the state of journalism that is meant to be bitingly funny. Sure, if you’re not one of the people affected by the downturn in the industry. Other than that, I can easily imagine a subdued reaction from the audience, if there’s one at all.

John Oliver did a segment on Last Week Tonight a while back…

Yesterday it was Samantha Bee’s turn on Full Frontal.

I was at an event at the Yogi Berra Museum a few years back that featured a roundtable of sportswriters talking about the job. It was ostensibly held for journalism students at Montclair State University, where the museum is located. I was working at NJ Jewish News at the time, but the writing was on the wall (heh) even then and I felt sadness in my heart for these kids. They might have had good intentions in their goals, but they were definitely heading in the wrong direction. I doubt if anyone is going to look at journalism as an artisanal endeavor, like using a loom or making cheese.


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