Fine whine

When I created this blog, it was with people like me in mind: middle-aged (and perhaps a bit beyond) people in the media, ideally the print industry that’s been fading away for the past several years. But I guess it could apply to anyone of a certain age whose job has been phased out either because of technological advancements or just a lack of interest in that particular field by consumers.

Image result for older job worriesIt’s like health I guess: for years I was healthy and athletic. Knock wood, I’ve never had to spend a night at the hospital for myself. But then I developed tennis elbow, carpal tunnel, and an arthritic back in a relatively brief span of time that’s greatly reduced my activity level. That, in turn, has led to some weight gain which has lead to a sense of depression — an unfortunate spiral. The point it, you take a lot for granted. You never think “x” will happen to you. Until it does.

So younger readers might think, “Man, that’s just the whining of an old man.” (Remember when you were a kid and thought 30 was old?) Hate to break it to you, lads and lassies, but this will be you someday.

Of course, the whole work paradigm is different from it was when me and my homies were fresh out of school. In those days, you could still expect to get a job and hold onto it for 30 years and then retire. I’ve basically had just two — one 22 years in duration, the other 12. (Holy Sh#t, I’ve been working for over three decades?!?) Nowadays, from what I understand, a person changes every three years or so.

So many of the situations I’ve seen from the numerous job sites seem to have at least one requirement that eliminates me as a candidate, regardless of how many of the others I possess. I guess that makes sense: when you’re employed, you frequently don’t pay attention to the new trends. And so when you do lose a job, you’re lagging in what potential hirers are seeking. How do you catch up, and when you do, how do you get someone to give you a shot?


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