No wonder I can’t get a job, Part 37

Image result for frustrationI don’t know how much time I’ve spent signing up for various job sites. Each time you find a position that seems to fit your experience and interest, there is the virtual paperwork to fill out from the outfit that posts the offering. Invariably, one has to provide the usual contact information. Some allow you to simply upload a resume while others require that PLUS the arduous task of keying in the exact same information.

Then there are the keywords. Some sites are good about suggesting enough of them to make your search fairly comprehensive and accurate; others, not so much, especially for my hunt, which includes things like “editorial,” “journalism,” and “writing,” among others.

So I recently signed up with The New York Times‘ job section (remember when they actually used to print want ads?), going through all the data points and this is what they came up with for me: SENIOR INTERPRETER, RUSSIAN, P5 – New York, NY.  I won’t go into the seemingly countless details of the job description; suffice it to say, it’s definitely not something I’m qualified to do, although my French is pretty good.

I appreciate the confidence the Times‘ methodology has in my abilities, but as much as I need the work, I think I’ll take a pass on this one. And if this is how the “employment bots” figure out the kinds of jobs to which I’m suited, it’s gonna be a long haul.

Image result for russian translator


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