What are YOU worried about, Jonathan Mathis?

Mathis is a Facebook friend, and up until recently, at least, was “Sportswriter/columnist, Youtube personality, on-air personality at I95 Sports & Entertainment Network.”

I’m announcing that I’m choosing a new career path. Journalism obviously isn’t for me. 1. I have too many enemies. 2. I don’t have the time that I once had. 3. I’ve burnt bridges and will never bounce back from a tattered reputation. 4. I’m tired of people’s negativity and very little support. However, I’m still gonna pursue my bachelor’s degree in communication and whatever God wants me to become I will become it. But I’m done with this journalism stuff. I’m thinking about deactivating this account, because I’m tired of people and the attacks, and the negativity, and the fact that people turn conversations into personal attacks and cannot ever keep it civil. I don’t need social media to have friends. I had my true friends long before this. I have my true friends now. People who met me via sports writing once again DO NOT KNOW ME. THEY KNOW OF ME, BUT THEY DO NOT KNOW ME, BECAUSE THEY NEVER MET ME, yet I’m treated like a criminal, crucified for having an opinion, vilified for comments, attacked for my views. I swear, this is high school drama. I know what they mean when they say everybody doesn’t like you and that everybody isn’t your friend. I think I’m loved by enough people, from family to friends to neighbors to high school friends to co-workers. They are the important people to me, not haters or people who are supposed to be fans and supporters. I try to live my life right, treat people with respect and love everyone, but of course, everybody doesn’t feel that way.


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