Not my night

To quote Brando here.

Checked my email last night to learn that I had been turned down for two job possibilities, either of which I really would have enjoyed.

The first was with, working as an editor for their “Cut 4” section, compiling and writing about interesting, humorous, or otherwise compelling video clips and the stories behind them.

The second was for a spot at Trader Joes. I know, what you’re thinking. “Boy, those are some pretty diverse opportunities, buddy.” True, but next to baseball, I’ve always been interested in the food industry and what makes things go or stall.

I don’t know what it says about me when I can’t even get hired at a supermarket. (Does that sound horrible? I don’t mean it to be. Just getting increasingly frustrated.) Heck, I can’t even get an interview. So I guess I could take some solace in that it’s not personal.

Now I’m thinking ABBA…

You can stop listening after 50 seconds or so; that’s the germane part.

Here’s looking at you, kid.


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