Isn’t everything temporary?

It’s getting to the point where I need to do something. If not for the sake of bringing in some money, then for sanity’s sake. So maybe I’ve come full circle, examing the possibility of finding work via a temp agency.

I started working as a temp when I got out of college. After a couple of mindless assignments, I wound up in the public relations department of a non-profit “human defense” agency. A couple of months later, the long-time department secretary/den mother asked if I would be interested in coming aboard full-time. I had nothing better to do so I agreed, with the caveat that if something better came along I might not be able to give too much notice.

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Twenty-two years later…

I was eventually downsized when a new administration came on board and decided my  position was “redundant.” I won’t get into the whole loyalty thing, or that I passed on other opportunities to stay there because I thought it was important work. They gave me a nice severance package but it was still rough sledding for awhile. One of the most difficult things was dealing with my daughter who was in grade school at the time and couldn’t understand why all her friends’ daddies had jobs while hers was home all the time.

I was doing some freelance writing for the newspaper when they asked me to come in to discus additional assignments. By the time the meeting was over, I had a full-time job as a staff writer. A couple of years later, I was promoted to the position of arts and features editor which I expanded to include sports.

Fourteen years later…

A new regime took over the paper… see above.

So it’s a whole new world out there, and I guess I wasn’t paying enough attention to how things have changed while I was working. It never occurred to me that I should keep up with developing trends, especially since they weren’t germane to my present situation. Now, so many of the jobs I see require an entirely new approach to writing. know I could adapt if given the chance; I have always enjoyed learning new things and am very detail oriented. But at my age people aren’t that eager to provide any degree of training; they expect you to hit the ground running. You know how kids are becoming more tech savvy are earlier ages because they’re being brought up with smart phone, tablets, etc.? Pretty soon they will probably be literally born with that kind of knowledge (hit the ground crawling?).

Companies also don’t seem to be willing to pay what I want, which isn’t even all that much, relatively speaking. I heard on the new this morning that kids graduating college are disappointed in their starting salaries; that they had greater expectations. This report further claimed that starting salaries have actually been in decline over the last few years.

Welcome to my world, kiddies.



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