What the well-dressed interviewee will wear

Maybe that should be in the form of a question: What will the well-dressed interviewee wear?

After all this time, I have my first real job interview in… well, ever. As I may have mentioned in previous posts, I’ve basically worked for two companies since I got out of college and neither really required a formal interview. The first was an extension of an assignment from a temp agency and the second was a freelance gig transformed into a full-time staff job.

In olden times, men were required to wear suits and ties to interviews, almost regardless of the position. But I look at TV and, outside lawyer shows and work-place comedies, nobody dresses up anymore. It’s all T-shirts, man-buns, pork pie hats, untucked shirts, and tattoos.

Image result for stereotype millennial male

This is actually my second interview for this company, one of the largest in the country and certainly one I never would have considered a few years ago (desperate times, bro). The first was a 40-minute phone conversation. Now I guess they want to see if I’m presentable. Although I would get a bit suspicious, given the initial good impression I made (otherwise why another interview?) and being the paranoid I am, if they suddenly decided I wasn’t “the right stuff.” You guys talked with me before, you know my deal. So you changed your minds? Based on…? (Like I said, paranoid.)

But back to the problem of attire. I highly doubt I will be wearing a suit (or a tie) for this position, but do I go the formal route anyway? I’m thinking a bit less so: sport coat, shirt/tie, and khakis. I brought the jacket to the dry cleaners; sticker shock. I don’t know if I paid that much for it in the first place (shows you how old it is).

Maybe this is the way to go. At least they’d remember me.

Image result for white tie and tails, astaire


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