Golden hour

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“Golden Hour” is a term used in film and photography to define that short amount of time when natural lighting is just perfect for what the director/photographer is looking for to set a mood. It’s usually at dusk and you will definitely know it when you see it.

For me, however, Golden Hour occurs every day, shortly after nine o’clock in the morning. Because that’s usually the time I get good news, relatively speaking, on the email account I use strictly for professional purposes. If you don’t use one, I strongly advise it to keep the tons of junk mail and spam away from the important stuff, so just give that address out to special and trusted sources.

I’m usually on the computer earlier than that to post the doings from the previous day in Jewish sports. But come 9:15 or so, I keep my fingers crossed that there will be some news about a job or something from my publisher regarding an interview or review of my new book — Hank Greenberg in 1938: Hatred and Home Runs in the Shadow of War — which just launched yesterday.

But each day just seems to bring more disappointment as Golden Hour passes and I hear no “dings” to alert me that “you’ve got mail.”

jacketIn the meantime, I’m preparing for an interview tomorrow. The good news is that I’m very familiar with the location it will be held, just down the road a couple of miles from my last job. The bad news is, I don’t know what I’ll do if I don’t get it, even though (or perhaps because) it’s unlike anything I’ve done in the past. Things are getting fairly desperate. Yesterday I submitted an audition audio for a voiceover service and was rejected because my equipment was not professional grade. I wonder if I could rent studio space… Too bad; I have been told by several people that I have a good voice for that type of thing (“In a world…”).

The interview is in mid-afternoon, so there’s still time earlier in the day for that amazing job offer to come through. Here’s keeping my fingers crossed for that Golden Hour.


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