What are YOU worried about, Charley Pierce?

I “discovered” Pierce several years ago as a panelist on the NPR quiz show Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me and later as a commentator on the NPR sports show Only a Game. Of course, since then I’ve read his as a political commentator for Esquire. Here’s his latest.

Among his more eye-popping remarks:

What fresh hell greeted the sun on Friday?

There is no question in my mind that Richard Nixon is now and forever history’s yard waste. But, at the very least, he tried to bury the White House tapes. He didn’t go on CBS and do a half-hour with Walter Cronkite to explain how he’d erased the 18-and-a-half minutes. And it’s impossible to imagine the old crook’s capping off a week in which his primary descriptor was “Nixonian” by adding another count to the indictments—Witness Intimidation? Obstruction of Justice?—with a tweet like this one.

 Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 7.02.01 PM

At 8:30 a.m.? Is somebody running the country?

The more I think about it—and I’ve been thinking about it a lot—the more I think that the hard criminal core of this whole episode may have something to do with money laundering or something like it.

Sure, why not? It’s a good an explanation as any.

One of the things I will miss when I start working full time again is plopping down in front of CNN and watching “breaking news” and “developing stories.” These past few days have been especially mesmerizing as I watched the daily briefing with Spicer and Sanders, two of the oiliest personages I have ever seen trying to defend and deflect, continuing to bring up old, irrelevant issues (oh, and welcome back Kellyanne; I need to exercise my optics with eye rolls again). Of course we all know that who they work for so you give them a modicum of leeway, but after awhile, no, it’s them. They are low-level loathsome as they sneer at reporters.

Is it just me or is this whole “loyalty” situation sounding more and more like something out of The Godfather saga?

Image result for trump as the godfather


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