Subscription blues

IMG_1604A small announcement in The New York Times alerted readers that as off today the cover price at the newsstand for the Monday-Saturday editions would increase from $2.50 to $3. The price of the Sunday edition remains the same at $6. That seems like a relative bargain since you get so much: magazine, book review, week in review, Arts & Leisure, Travel, etc.

Speaking from a purely economic point of view, it seems a bit much to expect someone to plunk down three bucks every day for a newspaper, especially one that seems to be shrinking on a regular basis, even if it is the most respected journals in the world. Such a price makes it difficult for an inquisitive young person to keep up with the important issues of the day, especially when you consider the different ways in which they get their news, through media on their various devices. Having a physical paper just doesn’t do it for most of them it seems.

Look, I get it. I used to work for a newspaper. I know that staffers have to get paid, and advertising has been declining for several years. Midday on WNYC devoted a stunning segment on “Local News’s Decline.”

I have a subscription to the Times, but I’m wondering about cancelling since even at my advanced aged I can access the news from multiple sources. One of my former bosses used to call the service department and claim he would cancel because it was getting too expensive. Invariably, they would offer him a cheaper rate and he would remain a loyal subscriber. I might have to try that tactic.