You say ‘poe-tay-toe’ and I say ‘poe-tah-toe’

I really have to stop this for the sake of my sanity.

When I get home from work, usually before 1 p.m., I invariably turn on CNN. And the news is almost never good.

I was off today, so I had a lot more time to torture myself.

Trump came on today after for one of his rambling, incoherent (to this “snowflake”) rants, starting off with how great and beautiful things were at the UN (even though he ditched the climate change meeting after a token appearance). He even rattled off an attendance list of the countries with which the U.S. enjoys great, thanks to him.

After a round of self-congratulations, he finally got around to denying the latest problems, echoing the “witch hunt” and the “no collusion” of the past.

CNN panelists pointed out his low energy, and how quick he would be to point this out in someone else. The rambling, the non-sequitors, all troubling. At the end he said he would take one final question…about the economy. And what the hell was Steven Mnuchin’s purpose in being there? More praise for the goodness of Trump?

For shits and giggles, I turned to FOX to see how they were covering the event and what they were focusing on. Sure enough, their people were 100 percent behind their peerless leader, accusing Democrats of what they were accusing the president. I know you are but what am I? During this particular program — and I can’t say if this is indicative of all FOX programs — their panelists were talking directly to the audience, expressing sentiments like “We’re looking out for you,” usually in loud voices. That’s another difference I find: CNN and MSNBC talk in measured tones while FOX people frequently seem to be angry and almost yelling. Not that that doesn’t happen on CNN, but that’s usually reserved for when GOP apologists are trying to play defense.

Of course, all of this is my perception. Glass half empty. Trump’s faithful might think the same of CNN shows.

It would be great to find an independent mediator to judge once and for all who’s right.

Extraterrestrials, if you’re reading this, please step in.

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