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pressLet’s give this another go, shall we?

Several years ago I started a WordPress blog titled “The Worried Journalist.” I was new to the industry game after many years in public relations. Here’s the mission statement I wrote at the time:

Howdy. I’m a middle-aged newspaperman, relatively new to the business, who’s obviously concerned about what’s going on in the industry. I’ve purposely left much of my personal information blank, given the Facebook backlash employed by many employers. I’ve just created a new blog, immodestly named after myself and I invite my colleagues to visit, leave a few words of encouragement, share their own stories, create a little community.

Since I recently lost my job, another victim of what’s been happening across the board to print media employees, I no longer care so much about anonymity.

With a bit of free time on my hands (I host two other blogs and am currently at work on my fourth book), I thought this would be a good time to revisit the situation, which has not improved.

I’m hoping to be able to enlist others in my predicament — that is, fellow writers, photographers, and basically anyone who cares about newspapers — to share their thoughts (anonymity guaranteed if desired) — to vent their frustrations, concerns, and desires.

I still consider myself middle-aged by the way, although those in position to hire might not see it that way.

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